Posted by: SGBCjax | October 5, 2014

God’s Determined Delight ~ Isaiah 62

Pastor’s Prayer

Almighty God, You alone are just and righteous and you have called us to be a holy people.  You have delighted in your people and called us, redeemed us, and sought us out.  O how glorious are all your works and how perfect are all your ways and councils.  We often, though redeemed, married and brought near, live as if we are forsaken, cut off and abandoned.  We often in our wearisome waiting find ourselves more lonely than loved.  Lord, convince us this morning by the power of your Spirit that we are indeed your delight if we are in Christ Jesus.  Grant us ears to hear your Word this morning, O Lord, for you have promised to not keep silent.  You have said here in your Word this morning that you will for the sake of your church not be quiet but will declare your glorious righteousness and salvation to us again this morning and every Lord’s Day until your righteousness goes forth as brightness and your salvation as a burning torch.  Come, Lord and blaze brightly in our midst that we might hope in your promises and find our great delight in your presence.  Prepare our hearts that as we receive your Word this morning by faith in Christ and hope for heaven as we wait for great joy for your glorious return.  Amen & Amen.

Title: God’s Determined Delight
Series:  Isaiah
Speaker: Shane Waters
Scripture: Isaiah 62
Type: Sermon

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