Posted by: SGBCjax | November 3, 2014

God’s Distinguishing Hope ~ Isaiah 65

Pastor’s Prayer

Almighty Sovereign God, You alone are just and righteous.  In your justice and righteousness you are distinguishing for yourself a people for your own possession zealous for good works.  Lord we confess our carelessness, apathy and indifference as we wait for your return.  We are so very prone to fall right in line with the world’s desires, aims and ambitions.  We are relentless in following after our own desires, imaginations and schemes instead of choosing what you delight and following the words you speak to us.  Lord, grant grace this morning that faith & repentance might come.   Lord, would you give us a joyous and eager hope for your new heavens and earth.  Would you remind us of our heavenly home and in so doing cause the assumed urgency of our day to day events and plans to find their rightful place in your larger and more glorious plan to cause your kingdom to come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Lord, we ask of these things in the name and authority of Jesus Christ the only Savior and LORD.  Amen & Amen.

Title: God’s Distinguishing Hope
Series:  Isaiah
Speaker: Shane Waters
Scripture: Isaiah 65
Type: Sermon

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