Posted by: SGBCjax | July 5, 2015

Kingdom Living: Righteous Praying & Impressing Others ~ Matthew 6:5-6

Father God, You are our Father.  You see all our actions and you see into our very hearts.  You know what we need before we even ask for it.  Lord, you hear us when we call upon your name.  LORD God, thank you for allowing us to call upon your name through Jesus Christ.   Help us, LORD, we can even mess up something as glorious and precious as prayer.  So open our eyes to see your Word rightly this morning.  Open our ears that we might hear and that faith will spring up in our hearts through the preaching of your Word.  Teach us to pray, Lord, that we might walk as your disciples for your names sake and for your glory.  Amen & Amen

Title: Kingdom Living:  Righteous Praying & Impressing Others
Series: Sermon on the Mount
Speaker:  Shane Waters
Scripture:  Matthew 6:5-6
Type:  Sermon

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