Posted by: SGBCjax | July 12, 2015

Kingdom Living: Righteous Praying & Impressing God ~ Matthew 6:7-8

Father God, You are our all knowing, omniscient God.  We are only able to come this morning in prayer because Christ has provided us this wonderful privilege by His life, death and resurrection.  Thank you.  Thank you for prayer, LORD.  Thank you for this glorious access into your presences.  We confess, Lord, we take this wonderful gift far too lightly far too often.  We even ignore prayer and neglect this magnificent benefit because of our tenacious independent rebellion and to our shame.  Lord, grant us hearts of faith, repentance, hope, joy coming to you often in prayer, communicating with you, lingering in your blessed presence as we pray to you, our Father through Jesus Christ our Savior by the stirring of your Spirit our Comforter.  Amen & Amen

Title: Kingdom Living:  Righteous Praying & Impressing God
Series: Sermon on the Mount
Speaker:  Shane Waters
Scripture:  Matthew 6:7-8
Type:  Sermon

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