Posted by: SGBCjax | September 13, 2015

Kingdom Living: Give Us Our Daily Bread ~ Matthew 6:11

Almighty Father in heaven, you are our Provider, Sustainer and Creator.  What do we have that we have not received from your hand?  Lord, thank you for giving so abundantly and so graciously.  Lord, we are too often thankless and grumbling even in our abundance.  We are seldom in humble gratitude for all you have supplied and provided for day after day your are so very faithful and gracious.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for opening your hand upon all of us this day, this morning, for only you can satisfy our constant desire to be filled both our stomachs and our souls.  Would you turn us now in repentance and faith to be satisfied with your good toward us, your provision, you abundant supply.  Help us this morning be reminded of your provision and your faithful, enduring hand sustaining and keeping us each day.  Give us this day, Father in heaven, our daily bread that we might hallow your name, seek your kingdom and do your will.  We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Provider and Bread of Life. Amen & Amen.

Title: Kingdom Living: Give Us Our Daily Bread
Series: Sermon on the Mount
Speaker:  Shane Waters
Scripture:  Matthew 6:11
Type:  Sermon

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