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Kingdom Living: Why Forgive? ~ Matthew 6:14-15

Almighty gracious Father in heaven, slow to anger, merciful and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but by no means clearing the guilty because you are just and faithful.  You have not forsaken us.  Your anger has not lingered but you turned from your anger, you withdrew your wrath, and forgave your people by covering our sin with the shed blood of Jesus Christ our Savior and LORD.  You deserve all praise, glory, honor and worship.  Thank you, LORD.  Thank you for this great salvation.  Thank you for your abundant and astonishing mercy, your compassion is higher than the heavens and more sure than the mountains.  Grant us this morning, Father, by your Spirit firm faith not in our own efforts or obedience but in that righteousness which comes by faith and that is not our own but from God because of Christ’s obedience.  Grant us a pining hope which longs for that glorious and assured day when we will see you face to face and know the gift and joy of our forgiveness unhindered by sin, doubt and weariness of the journey.  Grant us this morning an abiding and sacrificial love for one another as we linger over this glorious truth, the forgiveness of sins, and by your grace demonstrate the same kind of love, compassion and mercy you have shown us.  We ask these things of you, Father in heaven, because we do not find these eternal, necessary things in our own hearts and we are unable to do them apart from your Spirit empowering us.  So accomplish these for your name’s sake, Lord Jesus.  Amen & Amen.

Title: Kingdom Living: Why Forgive?
Series: Sermon on the Mount
Speaker:  Shane Waters
Scripture:  Matthew 6:14-15
Type:  Sermon

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