Posted by: SGBCjax | October 26, 2015

Kingdom Living: Heavenly Treasure ~ Matthew 6:19-21

Almighty God, our sure hope, our great joy and our enduring treasure, you alone are worthy as our great and eternal end, aim and ambition.  Thank you for giving us these intense and yearning hearts which are so desperate to be satisfied.  We confess with joy this morning that these hearts you have made in each of us can only be satisfied by you, your steadfast love.  Would you convince us this morning through your Word and the power of your Spirit that all of creation will leave us hallow, longing and dead.  Would you show us again the great joy of knowing Christ?  That we might find our deepest longings and thirsts filled in Him.  Help us this morning, Father, repent of our laying up treasure on earth and by faith begin laying up treasure in heaven which is our eternal reward.  Amen & Amen.

Title: Kingdom Living: Heavenly Treasure
Series: Sermon on the Mount
Speaker: Shane Waters
Scripture: Matthew 6:19-21
Type: Sermon

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